So we have nearly done a month of real food eating as a lifestyle! How are you enjoying this?!

I thought I would give some info on Protein because if it’s not eaten correctly, it can slow down the process.
Again, this is a very personal journey working out the perfect portions of protein, carbs and fats for your metabolism.
But it’s so important to have guidelines to work within.
For example: If you weigh 55kg – you would need between 44-95 grams of complete protein daily. If you’re an athlete and weigh 55kg – you would need between 66-110 grams of complete protein daily. If you struggle with recovery, increase protein. (Protein is required for repair)
Here’s a breakdown of complete protein in animal foods:
Pure mince burger patty, 112gm = 28gm protein
Steak, 168gm = 42gm protein
Most cuts of beef, 7gm of protein per 28gm
Breast, 100gm = 30gm protein
Thigh =10gm protein for average size thigh
Drumstick =11gm
Wing =6gm
Cooked white meat, 112gm = 35gm
Most fish fillets are bout 22gm of protien per 100gm cooked fish or 6g per 28gm raw
Tuna, 168gm = 40gm protein
Pork Chops = 22gm protein
Pork loin or tenderloin, 112gm = 29gm protein
Ground pork mince, 84gm cooked = 22gm protein
Bacon, 1 very large slice = 3gm protein
Egg large = 6gm protien
Milk, 1 cup = 8gm
Cottage cheese, 1/2 cup = 15gm
Yoghurt, 1 cup = 8-12gm
Mozzarella, camembert, brie 6gm per 28gm
Hard cheese(parmesan) = 10gm per 28gm
Good luck and I hope this helps clear up some guessing!