So we are now at Day #21!  Wow – three weeks into our SPRINT!

I am adding a very helpful chart guide for portion and sizes to help you shop and choose food wisely. Weight should be shedding nicely and if not please inbox me so we can tweak it where need be.  Tonight I’m making my favourite curry mince which I have already given to you but you could do a fresh piece of hake cooked in farm butter and served with green vegetables and a lovely salad.


You MUST have 12 fats for the day!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Remember if you cook your eggs and bacon in 1 tsp of oil then that’s 1 fat done.

1 tsp of salad dressing = 1 fat
1 tsp of fat coconut oil, olive oil, butter = 1 fat
1 tbsp (15ml) full cream mayonnaise = 1 fat
1 tbsp (15ml) of cream = 1 fat
30g of avocado = 1 fat
5 olives = 1 fat
1 tbsp of pesto = 1 fat
1 tbsp (15ml) of nuts and seeds = 1 fat
25 grams of cheese (matchbox size) = 1 fat
Use Danish Feta instead of regular, halloumi, full-fat gouda or cheddar, etc.

You can have 2 servings of protein for the day, and I recommend you always choose the fattier protein options such as chicken with the skin on, lamb, pork, eggs, bacon, brisket etc.
1 palm size (size and thickness of the palm of your hand ) = 1 protein serving, which works out to roughly 100g for ladies and 200g for men.

2-ˇ3 cups of vegetables from the green list daily. (Tip : I add a tsp of butter to my vegetables to make sure I reach the fat intake for the day)

2 – 5 cups of salad for the day

1 cup of milk or full cream yoghurt

If you must, stick to whisky with water or dry champagne. You can only add fresh lime or fresh lemon – unfortunately NOT the CORDIAL! Stay away from tonic water – it is full of carbs!

If you have a sweet tooth, the safest bet for now is a maximum of 1 – 2 blocks of Lindt 85% dark chocolate or 5 Chunky Munchy protein cookies.